Fred and Jim

Fred and Jim

The Legend

Jim and Fred, Mauna Kea Resort

Over thirty years ago, I invented a tropical drink called the Fredrico. It happened in the summer of 1988 at the Beach Bar of the world famous Mauna Kea Beach Resort on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Invention of the Fredrico

Tired of syrupy Mai Tais, I wanted a crisper, cleaner drink-something not too sweet so that it would be drinkable in large quantities. Magically, I found it on my first try by adding Jack Daniels to what might otherwise have been just another fruity rum drink.

Some minor brain damage was caused by attempting to beat this original recipe. But the Fredrico was simply unbeatable. It was THE perfect blend of tropical juices, light rum, and that velvet Jack hammer, a concoction far greater than the sum of its individual parts.

The drink was called “Fredrico” by my family and friends, which was my nickname at Stanford.

And so the Fredrico was born!

The fun flowed as the Fredricos flowed, and it was quickly discovered that not only did the drink taste great, but it had magical powers- this potent blend of paradise conjures up the Spirit of Aloha wherever it is served and creates a green flash every time.

The Fredrico was an immediate hit. The early buzz brought people to the bar asking for “the new drink.” It has been the highest selling tropical drink at the Mauna Kea Resort ever since – for over thirty years. A huge part of the success of the Fredrico is due to Jim Jung, the bartender at the Beach Bar. He immediately recognized that the drink was unique and tasty.

Jim is a dear friend and an amazing human being. His incredible sense of humor is legendary. He spews one liner after one liner, like lava flowing from the volcano. Always true to the recipe, Jim poured the drinks and made the jokes. He was truly the marketing genius behind the Fredrico, perpetuating the mystery, creating the buzz and building the legend one patron at a time, day after day, year after year.

Jim wrote a book called “My Life Behind Bars.” Chapter 13 is entitled “Fred.” It’s a must read.

From “My Life Behind Bars.” by Jim Jung

Patron: “What should I order?”

Jim: “Try a Fredrico! Nobody’s died!”

Patron: “What’s in a Fredrico?”

Jim: “It’s a secret.”

Patron: “Well then, I’ll take two!”


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Co-cospirators, Fred and Kathleen

Co-cospirators, Fred and Kathleen

The other primary player in the creation and success of the Fredrico is my wonderful wife, Kathleen (whom Jim refers to as The Lovely). Kathleen designed the Fredrico T shirt that is sold at the Mauna Kea. She has also designed the famous Fredrico T shirt that is sold exclusively on this site. Wear them with pride! They are wearable memories of happy times.


For more than 30 years, friends and the faithful have gathered at the Beach Bar to have a Fredrico and celebrate life its own self. Mahalo to all the great bartenders who have carried on the tradition. The Mauna Kea Resort happily calls the Fredrico their Signature Drink. The celebrations have spread across the globe, as people have taken the Fredrico and the spirit of aloha home with them.

Kathleen and I have received thousands of notes, emails and photos from Fredrico fans.

We are so happy that Fredricos bring you back to this warm and happy place! We are delighted that you continue to grow the legend through your pilgrimages to the Mauna Kea and through your own Fredrico celebrations.

We dedicate this website to all of you- Friends of the Fredrico.

Pleases send us your photos and stories or tag @realfredrico on Instagram. Help us create this home for all things Fredrico. This is the official gathering place for the Fredrico community-family, friends and aloha.